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4KM / 750 M+


17.10.2024 / 18:30 / Monti di Ravecchia

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Run with the full moon, like a true werewolf.

This unique experience comes to life under the mystical light of the full moon, in the autumn period, when nature is dressed in the warmest and most intense colors.

The start is set at Grotto Rosetta, a magical place nestled in the heart of the valley, where runners will prepare to face an exciting and adventurous route. The final destination is the legendary "Sass Guidaa," a peak that dominates the surrounding landscape with its grandeur and majesty.

The Mannaro Vertical is a non-competitive but timed race. Participating in the Mannaro Vertical is not only a physical challenge, but a sensory and spiritual experience. Running under the full moon, with the silvery glow illuminating the trail, will make every athlete feel like a real werewolf, in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Every step, every breath will be accompanied by the mysterious allure of the autumn night, on a journey that awakens the primal instinct and connection with the wilderness.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, where endurance and passion for running meet the magic of the full moon. The Werewolf Vertical is waiting for you to literally transform into werewolves: on a night that will be etched in your memory forever.

And remember: howling at the finish line is strongly recommended.

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Step by step

Monti di Ravecchia
Sass Guidaa

Mandatory items

  • Headlamp

Useful infos

  • Meet at the parking lots of Grotto Rosetta
    Ample parking available near the starting area.


The registration fee remains fixed and does not change.

15 CHF / 15 EUR
60 Places available