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The purpose of the association is to promote mountain-related sports, at amateur, competitive and youth levels, with full respect for nature and sports ethics. In this regard, it acts as an organizer of sports events and competitions. The association also has the social purpose of promoting the territory, landscape, culture and social life of the Morobbia Valley.

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Elia Sgroi

I was born in 1986 and have always lived in Pianezzo. I have two beautiful children, Joël and Elodie. Passionate about sport in general, I have been dabbling in trail running for a few years now... with pleasing results. Active for years in various associations and organisations, I offer my constant commitment to the Morobbia Valley.

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Matteo Forini
Vice president

By profession a computer engineer at the Federal Office of Sport, I have been living for a few years in Gordola with my wife Isabel and our sons Brenno and Yari, but I have always been attached to the Morobbia Valley where I have lived since birth. A lover of mountains and sports in general, after giving up unihockey, I have been involved in running and trail running for a few years now. I have been a committee member of the Bofagnoc of Camorino, organizing the village carnival for years.

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Damiano Sgroi
Marketing / Communication

I have always lived in the Morobbia Valley, more specifically in Pianezzo where I live with my partner Martina and our two sons Liam and Jimmy. I work as a consultant for corporate clients in Swisscom. I have always been passionate about mountains, which I frequent with the utmost respect. I enjoy outdoor sports such as cross-country skiing and trekking to be practiced in our beautiful alps. Activities to be enjoyed in harmony with nature, surrounded by wonderful multifaceted landscapes, where to recharge my batteries, away from the hustle, noise and stress of the work week. I am excited about the Morobbia Trail project, which will allow me to be at the forefront of promoting our fascinating area and bringing the Morobbia Valley to life!

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Alessandro Minotti

Born and raised in that of Carasso 33 years ago, but Morobbiotto by adoption, I immediately believed in this project for the revitalization of the Morobbia Valley. Valley that besides being the home of my Trail training is the place of growth of my wife Letizia and our little girls. Come, discover and experience the hidden beauties of Morobbia!

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Omar Rossini

Born and raised in Monte Crasso, since 2020 living in Pianezzo with my partner Giada. For several years passionate about running with a predilection to trail running, an activity that allows you to savor the magic of nature, suffering and sacrifices with a smile. With great enthusiasm I joined the Morobbia Trail project, where I found a group prepared, close-knit and proud to promote the magic of the Morobbia Valley, with activities that will know how to give great emotions.

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Christian Pellanda

I have always had a passion for nature in my hands, a predilection that led me to train as an agricultural engineer. The mountains have taught me that they are full of resources and opportunities. I love to move, and trail running allows me to consociate energy, nature and freedom into a unicum. I also experience these emotions when I engage in trail maintenance. And in my opinion Pythagoras was right: "Abandon the great roads, take the trails."

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Matthias Branstchen

I live in Arbedo with my wife Elisa and daughter Nora, am 37 years old and work as a financial manager at the Ticino Section of TCS. I enjoy spending my free time with my family, mountain biking, playing unihockey or doing anything outdoors (splitting wood is fine too). I am a member of the Camorino Bofagnoc Committee and cashier of the newly formed Polisportiva Baraonda association, which is responsible for organizing the MorobbiaTrail, among other things.

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Giona Sgroi
Food & Beverage

I work in the restaurant industry, I love to be in company while sipping good wine. The mountains have always been an outlet for my many energies between mountain biking, hiking and canyoning in our beautiful valleys. I am fascinated by nature that offers us different colors, scents, sounds and landscapes as the seasons change: from the fresh green of spring to the softer, warmer colors of autumn that bring with them chestnuts and mushrooms; from the cowbells of grazing animals, to the white silence of winter. Come and discover the Morobbia Valley.

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Alessandro Fioroni
IT & Design

I live in Pianezzo with my wife Livia, where I carry out my entrepreneurial activity. In my spare time, I engage in mountain running to relieve stress and stay in touch with nature - thus managing to balance everyday life. The Morobbia Valley, for me, has always been a special place because of its history and the bonds of friendship born in the valley over the years.