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Wolf Trail


33KM / 2200 M+


29.06.2024 / 08:35 / Pianezzo

Follow the wolves, find yourself.

The competitive course for those who want to try their hand at something more challenging: great choice for those who want to test themselves the first time on a more challenging distance and at the same time a perfect challenge for veterans of the discipline. Satisfaction at the finish is guaranteed.

Compared to previous editions, the tour is reversed. The start will always be located at the Policenter of Pianezzo, but this year you go in the direction of Paudo, the Wolf trail thus starts immediately with a nice vertical, which will test your strength uphill. Once you get to the Arbinetto area, the climb becomes gentler and you go up in the direction of Gesero hut, crossing first groves and then green pastures. With a beautiful and very scenic crossing, you then pass by the San Jorio, on the Italian border, and then descend to the Giumello Alp. The descent continues, and once you reach Maglio di Carena, an up and down in the ancient woods of the Morobbia Valley begins, passing through Cascine and streams, taking you back to Pianezzo to the much coveted finish line.

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This edition the route is reversed from the original.

Step by step

Policentro di Pianezzo
Pian Dolce
small aid station
Sass Guida
interest point
Capanna Gesero
large aid station
Passo del San Jorio
interest point
Alpe di Giumello
large aid station
Max 04:30
Diga di Carmena
small aid station
Monti di Stagno
interest point
Policentro di Pianezzo


To embark on this adventure through the breathtaking trails of the Morobbia Valley, it is essential that each participant takes the time to read and understand the event regulations. This document has been written with the goal of ensuring a fair, safe and enjoyable competition for all.

The responsibility to adhere to these rules is personal and affects each runner. Being well informed about the rules means not only respecting the hard work and commitment of the organization, but also actively contributing to the safety and well-being of all participants and volunteers involved in the event.

If you have any doubts or questions about the regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided.


The entry fee varies depending on the number of people registered for the race.

45 CHF / 45 EUR
First 50 entries
55 CHF / 55 EUR
Over 50 entries