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Cross trail


14KM / 1300 M+


29.06.2024 / 09:15 / Pianezzo

Fast as the wind, beyond your limits.

The course is suitable for those approaching the discipline for the first time, but also for those seeking competitiveness and being able to push their limits to the maximum.

The start is always located at the Policenter in Pianezzo. The first part of the route is a beautiful and competitive "vertical," passing through Paudo, then continuing to Pian Dolce and finally reaching Arbinetto. Here we take a comfortable and scenic trail where we reach one of the most scenic points of the Bellinzona area: Il Motto della Croce. The race continues downhill to the Ravecchia Mountains where you then take the trail to the ancient medieval village of Prada. It continues to Serta, Water Basins and then descends into the Pianezzo countryside to finally reach the Pianezzo Policenter.

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Step by step

Policentro di Pianezzo
Pian Dolce
small aid station
Max 01:30
Motto della Croce
interest point
Monti di Ravecchia
small aid station
small aid station
Policentro di Pianezzo


To embark on this adventure through the breathtaking trails of the Morobbia Valley, it is essential that each participant takes the time to read and understand the event regulations. This document has been written with the goal of ensuring a fair, safe and enjoyable competition for all.

The responsibility to adhere to these rules is personal and affects each runner. Being well informed about the rules means not only respecting the hard work and commitment of the organization, but also actively contributing to the safety and well-being of all participants and volunteers involved in the event.

If you have any doubts or questions about the regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided.


The entry fee varies depending on the number of people registered for the race.

40 CHF / 40 EUR
First 50 entries
50 CHF / 50 EUR
Over 50 entries