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The way of water

A path to learn and admire the energy of water

"La Via dell'Acqua" is an educational trail, born from the collaboration between Azienda Multiservizi Bellinzona (AMB) and the Morobbia Valley Region, which shows how energy is produced and the history of water exploitation in the Morobbia Valley with the help of 9 explanatory panels correlated with photographs. Its path leads the hiker to discover the grandiose work of man, from the storage reservoir of the Carmena dam (39 meters high, whose crown measures 99 m and with the capacity of 250,000 cubic meters of water) up to the turbines for the production of valuable energy of the Morobbia hydroelectric power plant. Interventions that, contrary to what is often the case, have not distorted nature; on the contrary, they have been able to enhance it.

Along the path one can admire important artifacts of the old and new plant, a varied vegetation and short stretches of the Morobbia River, but above all the sound of its flowing that becomes more and more bursting as it approaches the mouth where it meets the Ticino River. From the Stagno Mountains there are then unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains and the Magadino plain.

The trail, which is about 8 km long and correlated with 9 educational panels, begins at the gates of Vellano, a hamlet of S. Antonio, which can be reached by the Giubiasco-Carena postbus from the Giubiasco train station or from Piazza Grande Giubiasco.

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