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Discover the valley on two wheels

A beautiful climb to discover the characteristic Morobbia Valley, along the route of the historic "Giubiasco-Carena" popular bicycle race of Italian-speaking Switzerland, which was the scene of numerous races at the national level and the Swiss championship.

The starting point is Giubiasco, a southern part of the agglomeration of Bellinzona and overlooking the Piano di Magadino. From Giubiasco station you reach Piazza Grande, one of the largest in the Canton and the City's pride and joy with its magnificent green carpet dotted with a dozen sculptures by contemporary authors.

We climb to the Morobbia Valley from where there are unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains and the Magadino plain. The paved road climbs up the vineyard slope leading to Lôro and Pianezzo and then on to Vellano, the first of the five hamlets of the former municipality of S. Antonio, now a district of the new City of Bellinzona.

From the village of Vellano it is worth visiting the "Via dell'Acqua," an educational trail that shows how energy is produced and tells the story of water use in the Morobbia Valley. After Pianezzo and before Vellano, keep to the right and avoid the two detours to Paudo. Further on, you reach Melera and finally Carena, 958 m asl, the final point of the trail. Beyond Carena the dirt road leads to the archaeological area of the ancient furnace and the Maglio, activated in the late 1700s, which is located on the "Iron Route," a cross-border thematic itinerary that offers the possibility of retracing the roads used by transporters to bring iron mined and worked in Carena to Ceresio and Lario. Also passing through Carena is another interesting thematic trail (ForTI project) that leads to the rediscovery of military buildings and fortifications dating back to World War I, which leads up to the San Jorio and the Gesero hut.

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