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Genzianella Hut

Unguarded hut

Above Bellinzona, a splendid Castelli region, on the slopes of the motto d'Arbino, sloping towards the Morobbia valley, is the Piandolce mountain. At the upper limit, on the edge of a magnificent beech and birch forest, with unobstructed views, but also protected from the prying eyes of a centuries-old maple tree, is the Gentianella Hut, of the Bellinzona Section of the Friends of Nature.

An old barn converted in the late 1960s and refurbished over the years, it now lends itself to hikes and family parties for lovers of fresh air, silence and slow rhythms. It is a place for sharing and gathering, where to read a good book or enjoy steaming tea by the stove or lit grill; where to laugh together while admiring the sunset. Perfect for relaxing, resting and recharging your energy. Because of its convenient location, not too far from the town and transportation, it is also a good stopping point for those who like to move from hut to hut in our Mountains.

The Hut is also arranged to accommodate small groups of visitors (up to 11 for one part of the Hut or 19 using both parts). Each of the two spaces has its own fully equipped wood-burning kitchen, attic dormitory and "dining room." In common, however, there is use of the toilets (1 toilet, 1 shower for a fee), as well as a large outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Maggiore and enhanced by a convenient grill.

The pleasant wood-burning stoves, allow for warmth in the cool evenings, while solar panels provide hot water.

The Hut is normally unattended, variations are posted on our website, and everyone must then independently take care of their own meals.

Only a few hours from the capital of Ticino, after a drive of just over an hour, the Genzianella offers a unique view of the Alpine chain, ranging from Monte Rosa to Cardada. There are also many close-up points worthy of a visit: the Motto della Croce, which can also be part of the "approach march"; the Motto di Arbino, which collapsed in the 1920s toward the Arbedo valley, forming the Orbello pond; and the Sasso Guidà, a superb rocky outcrop between Morobbia and Traversagna, with a priceless 360-degree view. To reach it start from Giubiasco, take direction Morobbia Valley, after Pianezzo turn left to Paudo. Follow on foot the markers toward Pian Dolce. Ascent 1 1/2 hours.

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